If you are holding a Typecast NFT, you're part of both the Nemonium and Deck of Dark Dreams community

Most skulls were once just regular people. Here's to every Tom, Dick and Henrietta that ever was and ever will be.


Typecast is a collaboration between Nemonium and Deck of Dark Dreams — a series of 1/1 unique named skulls, each with their own one-sentence backstory. There are currently 8 skulls created, but this is a collection that will be expanded continuously.



Reward Plans

The Typecast-collection is a work in progress. There will be many more skulls made and added to the collection. In terms of future rewards for Typecast-holders, this is currently being developed.

Currently, holding a Typecast-skull will make you eligible as a "Rare"-holder in the Discord, giving you access to the same rewards as DDD collectors but also the "Custom Dream"-reward reserved for those holding a Rare, Epic og Legendary DDD NFT.

If you have suggestions as a Typecast-holder, feel free to join the Deck of Dark Dreams Discord, get your wallet verified and DM me for suggestions!

Typecast-holders will get access to the Deck of Dark Dreams Discord and get their own "Typecast"-role, which will bring their own perks with time.

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