🪙Rewards and Value

This is an art-oriented project, and therein lies the primary value. But if you are holding a Deck of Dark Dreams NFT, you will be rewarded.


Both historically and more recently, looking at the Ethereum scene, it's obvious how highly art itself can be valued, without any utility other that being an owner of art that is not easily obtainable. This is first and foremost a limited edition art-project: it's an exclusive club, not everyone will be able to access or afford a Deck of Dark Dreams NFT. This means they're scarce. Also, every art collector knows that value is created through a long and meaningful body of work by the artist. This resonates well with what I've set out to do: long term thinking, not facilitating quick flips in any way, growing a community with a strong foundation, playing for the long game. I want people who consider a DDD NFT in 2035 to look back at those who got their hands on one in 2022 or 2023 and think "damn, had I only known".

My long term goal is to make the artworks valuable in and of themselves. I won't rely solely on that though, which is also why being a DDD holder gives you access to a reward ecosystem.


The reward-system is constantly under development as I always try to listen to the holders and discover how they think the ecosystem can be evolved.

So far the main focus has been rewards through giveaways: NFTs, collaborations, giveaways and airdrops. But this is just the beginning: as the project progresses, the OG's who invested into the DDD community will be taken care of. So far, holders have gotten access to some exclusive rewards: signed posters and numbered cards (through globally shipping) physicals, bonus physicals, I’ve given away Typecast-skulls to holders, WL-spots to other NFT projects, Prismatics-collab NFTs and collecting feedback both through forms and roadmap voting.


Those who mint a Deck of Dark Dreams NFT will also be eligible to receive physicals with their purchase — for Chapter 01 and 02, this was a unique numbered card and a signed 50x50cm poster. Physicals were sent out to every holder, and will also be sent to holders of Chapter 02.

Physicals will be an essential part of this project, but I've realized that the current setup with global shipping of physicals to every holder is not sustainable. Therefore, from Chapter 03, physicals will still be part of the experience but in a different form. More info TBA.

Holder Perks

Being a holder awards you certain perks not available to anyone else:

Discounts: As a holder, you will get discounts from Chapter 03 and onwards: 5% discount if you own 1 DDD NFT, 10% if you hold 2, and 15% if you hold 3.

Bi-monthly airdrops: Every two months, a 1/1 artwork will be raffled to one lucky holder from the "Alternate Dreams"-collection. This is an alternate take on one of the characters (a "remix" if you will) that only holders will be able to access. After winning one, you'll be quarantined from winning for the next 3 draws to keep things fair.

Whitelists: From Chapter 03, all holders will be eligible for whitelists through a raffle. There are also frequent WL giveaways to other NFT-projects.

Special access: being a holder will give you access not available to anyone else. This could be auctions, giveaways, whitelists, events or online discussions/collaborations that will give you influence on how to shape the future.

Legendary NFTs will only be available to existing holders and not part of whitelist/public mints.

Custom NFTs: Starting 2023, holders will be able to participate in a raffle (4 times each year) where the winner gets to describe a nightmare/dream they'd like to see come to life or a different take on one of the existing characters, and receive as a custom NFT. Holders of Typecast or Alternate Dreams NFT's will be included. The specifics of this raffle system is currently under development.

As a holder, you also get access to a collector-channel where you can influence the progress and a roadmap where you can add suggestions and vote on existing ones.

If you also own an Ape Cabin, you can frame your DDD-NFT in a Ape Cabin and earn $SOCIETY while staking your artworks. Staking may also make you eligible for a future airdrop under the exclusive DDD-TAS policy ID. Read more under the Ape Society-page.

Future Rewards

My aim is that holders will participate themselves in finding ways to receive rewards, which have already been implemented using forms that collect feedback.

There's also an interactive roadmap where you can post your own suggestions and vote on existing ones.

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