Card Game

The Deck of Dark Dreams is still first and foremost exactly that: a deck.
I’ve always loved the idea of making a physical card game of sorts, and if Season 01 sells out this is what I aim to do.
As of now, the roadmap outlines 5 chapters in Season 01. What happens next is not set in stone and is something I'm hoping the community will chime in on. Maybe a 'Magic The Gathering'-style card game based on the characters? A tarot-inspired deck to reveal the true meaning of your dreams? The possibilities are many, but the plan is that each collector will be able to get a full printed deck of 52 unique cards if all chapters in Season 01 are sold out.
As stated in the roadmap, I'd love to play with the idea of making a playable card game, once a whole season (5 chapters) is sold out. This will be fun to explore together with the community.
A possible card game in the future?
This section will be expanded as the project progresses.