Letter from the Artist

Some background info and thoughts on Deck of Dark Dreams from the creator, Tendrophobia.

Why This, Why Now?

We are living in interesting times, for better or worse. NFT's and art will be a great force for good by providing an exciting new avenue for artists, enabling the creation of a bond with a global community. I’ve been on the fence for a long time, quietly observing the scene, weighing the pros and cons and thinking about what this will mean for digital creators. Initially (and maybe even still), it felt like Klondyke: people rushing in at full speed after Beeple's massive (and well-deserved) entrance into the web3-scene, which paved the way for all artists who followed. Everything from evangelists and amazing artists, to gold diggers and speculators.
Then came the sceptics who point to the environmental impacts, the scams and rugpulls, the speculations, and those who are all here to make a quick buck. Now, there are even people who seem to hate NFTs with a vengeance. As usual, I think people on both ends of the spectrum would gain a lot by meeting in the middle of the road.
Like all emerging technologies, there’s always a line of people looking for a way to exploit it and its users. I’ve been sceptical for a long time and reluctant to join in. However, having spent a lot of time diving into the gritty details, reading and listening to podcasts about NFTs, I’ve decided it was time to enter the scene. I already feel it’s late, even though I know it really isn’t: the tech is still in its infancy and the scene as a whole has a lot of maturing to do. But it’s also evolved quite a lot already, things have become easier and users have become more educated. There’s also a lot of effort that seems to be put into solving the current issues both NFTs and cryptocurrencies are facing.
Physicals from Chapter 01 — Tarot-sized cards
I’ve been a fan of Cardano for some time. The CNFT-scene being a very friendly and conscientious community and a more sustainable alternative, it felt like a natural place to start. Still, this scene is also, like all NFT-spaces, full of scammers, bots, and people willing to do anything for cash.
For me, being able to sell my art as a way to make a living has always seemed like an unrealistic dream, something only a few selected people are destined to be able to do. And those who manage seem to struggle, having to rely on funding from the government or similar support schemes. NFTs have changed all that, and I've witnessed CGI artists I've followed for a long time transition from client work to 100% living off their art. That was unthinkable only a short time ago, and I can't let that opportunity pass having spent over 20 years making digital images and animations myself.
I'm looking forward to evolving this into the next chapters. At the end of this run, I've been playing with the idea of turning it into a game, something physical that can be enjoyed together with others. An MTG-style card game? A deck to interpret your dreams? The possibilities are endless.
Thanks for reading this. I hope you choose to follow my journey. — Tendrophobia https://tendrophobia.art​

So Far

Season 01 is set to include five chapters — the first chapter sold out in about two hours. Chapter 02 is set to be released 30th September — 11 unique artworks, 101 editions to be distributed. If all seasons sell out, collectors will also get access to a full deck (52 unique cards) at the end, not available anywhere else.
First-hand owners will be eligible for a printed poster and a unique numbered physical card of the artwork and given access to the Discord-community enabling you to participate in the development of the project.
It's also a personal project meant as an exploration and developing as an artist and building a community. I'm hoping this might pave the way for more talented artists to get in on the Cardano NFT-scene. Also, royalties from secondary sales will be funnelled back to the continued development of the project, and a portion of earnings from each season will go to organizations that deal with suicide prevention work and mental health issues.
Remember: check out the Philosophy-section for more about the values and mission behind this project.