This roadmap is a work in progress and will be developed together with it's collectors.

Update August 2023:

Because of my current involvement with the artwork for the Societas game (an Ape Society initiative), I've been forced to postpone the events planned for 2023. While I'd really like to start creating more DDD-artwork, I need to fulfill my obligation finish all the factions and classes for the Societas game which took longer than expected. Hopefully, this will be a good thing for both me and every collector, and I look forward to getting back to making dark dreams as soon as the apes have been completed.

Chapter 01: Fresh Tendrils

Q2 | 2022 Introduce Deck of Dark Dreams: 10 pieces and a total of 100 limited edition artworks of four different rarities.
  • Set up website, social media, Discord server
  • Finalize artworks and prepare teaser video
  • Set up project, plan marketing and giveaways
  • Start printing process (posters + cards)
  • Marketing, community, giveaways and teasers
  • Reveal drop date, set everything up for sale
  • Drop-event on Discord
  • Possible collabs
  • Shipping prints to first-hand owners
  • Alternate versions of certain characters ("Alternate Dreams") for airdrops/auctions.

Chapter 02: Tender Nightmares

Q3 | 2022 Create 11 pieces, 101 limited edition artworks, including a legendary character with an edition of 1.
  • Create new teaser video, reveal drop date
  • Printing unique numbered holographic cards
  • Create animated NFTs
  • Upgrade Chapter 01 with animated NFT's
  • Prepare new prints, poster and cards
  • Set up marketing plan and giveaways
  • Poster prints
  • Early access for Lucids
  • Set up for sale
  • Drop event on Discord
  • Special access/giveaways to holders
  • Giveaways

Chapter 03: Prisoners

First part of 2024 Further develop universe and characters, introduce new artworks. Update roadmap, new teaser video. More details will revealed, total amount of available pieces might increase at this point.
From this chapter on, holders of a Deck of Dark Dreams NFT will get automatic whitelist spots and discounts: 5% if you hold 1 NFT, 10% if you hold 2 NFTs and 15% if you hold 3 NFTs.
More info TBA.

Chapter 04: Silent Surrender

Late 2024 New artworks, new teaser video, special giveaways to community members and new collaborations. More info TBA.

Chapter 05: Earthquakes

2025 New pieces including a new legendary piece. New teaser video, merchandise for collectors. Marks the ending of a full chapter with the production of a deck of cards with unique artworks available to the community (with a special discount and physicals not available to anyone but collectors). More info TBA.
-> Start planning Season 02.