Artworks and NFTs

The artworks are created using a combination of 3D artwork, post-processing, and manual digital painting, giving the pieces an organic feel.
A large amount of time and effort is put into each piece, combined with over 20 years of experience in digital image creation, animation, and audio design. It's not unusual to spend over one whole week on just one 5k image, then another few days on creating the animated version.


Deck of Dark Dreams is split into Seasons. Season 01 is the genesis, and each Season is set to include 5 chapters. Chapter 01 and Chapter 02 includes 100 NFT's (plus one legendary for Chapter 02) but Chapter 03 and onwards will include more NFT's. After a full season is sold out, there will be a retrospective together with the holders in order to discover how to further develop the concept.
It's set in a dystopian universe, DDD is an attempt to explore the darkest depths of the human condition, mainly focusing on human shapes and figures in different environments, each image depicting a named character (or archetype) with a unique story. Everything is confined within a set universe, where each character represents a part of the human psyche and experience.
I want the artworks to play with darkness and fear, but also humor. I also usually try to juxtapose the names of the characters with their environment or appearance, trying to create a story just based on that alone. Also, the tendrils are a repeating element that can be found in all the pieces where dreams appear (which also relates to my artist name, Tendrophobia)
So, the tendrils are sort of catalysts, created by the Dreamshapers and Nightmares who set everything in motion. The tendrils are what shape the dream or emotions, they are the unwanted entities rooted deep within the human mind and thus represent what we must fight to grow and become fuller versions of ourselves, which I think is part of what dreams actually are.
Chapter 01 one had 100 pieces in total and sold out in about 2 hours. Chapter 02 will have 100 pieces + 1 legendary piece. The amount of NFTs from Chapter 03 and onwards is TBA.

Rarity distribution:

Common: 4 artworks with 15 editions Uncommon: 3 artworks with 10 editions Rare: 2 artworks with 4 editions Epic: 1 artwork, 2 editions Legendary: 1 artwork, 1 edition
Important: Legendary NFTs will only be available to existing holders and not part of whitelist/public mints.

Chapter 01

Minted: 30 May 2022 12:PM UTC | Price: 450 ADA
Policy ID: fb1efac66e7f96032c59b1e48138cd2c347df518030e277fe5f9f479 The Chapter 01 policy will never get expanded. New chapters will have new Policy ID’s, and giveaways/airdrops will have their own separate Policy ID ("Alternate Dreams")

Chapter 02

Mint: 29 Sept 2022 | Price: 450 ADA
Policy ID: cba30f6e3e31c4d9a0c90a7f89ca36c555e6984db5989306efbfa620 The Chapter 02 policy will never get expanded. New chapters will have new Policy ID’s, and giveaways/airdrops will have their own separate Policy ID ("Alternate Dreams")

The Characters

Deck of Dark Dreams came naturally when I wanted to explore a universe for a collection. I've always been fascinated by dreams and how they affect our minds and lives. I have no superstitions about them, but I believe they are an important part of our psyche, our brains trying to tell us something. I've also always been deeply fascinated by the scary part of dreams, nightmares, and weirdness. The characters created for this project are almost like archetypes, people, or roles I've either seen, been, or thought of in one way or another, in real life or in dreams.
"Siren" — from Chapter 01
DDD revolves around its characters. Many of them are inspired by actual dreams while others are created more as perhaps social commentary or actual happenings.
Every character has his or her own story and meaning. I've purposely made this a sort of guessing game, and I don't want to reveal my intention behind each piece but they all are part of a puzzle that make out our reality.
"Hostess" — from Chapter 02
Each season will have its own underlying theme. Chapter 01 is the genesis, where the darkness begins. Chapter 02, "Tender Nightmares" is focused around contrasts: dark vs. light, where nature plays a larger part in the overall theme. Chapter 03 will have it's own theme, yet to be revealed.

Alternate Dreams

There is also an "Alternate Dreams" universe, Policy ID: 6a1c18047cd69435e8bb64e9c68d261d81bf3ca7512a627fd7b9fabf
"True Sage" — from the Alternate Dreams collection.
The Alternate Dreams-universe NFTs are only accessible through being a holder or being the winner of a rare auction that might take place from time to time.
Alternate Dreams is a parallell universe, a distorted dreamverse where the characters are different, not fully themselves. Just like actual dreams, you can't rely on what you see here, they are mirages of their actual selves.
Owners of an NFT from the Alternate Dreams-collection will be counted as "Rare"-holders.


Initially, my mind was set on keeping these NFTs as still images, artworks frozen in time. However, I've realized that making animated ones does increase the value for holders, so I've decided that every Chapter 01 NFT will be upgraded with an animated version, and from Chapter 02 all NFTs will have an animated version alongside the actual 5k artwork. The animated versions will be slightly different, and include the "badge" that displays the info. This is also a feature that enables holders to showcase their NFT in a way that gains more attention.
Another aspect with animations is that it's the quickest way to show everyone that these are not AI generated artworks made with Midjourney. I have no quarrel with AI art, as a tool and for inspiration it can bring many benefits. However, mass generation of AI pieces and selling takes away from the actual craft, and being able to stand out with something that's clearly not made using AI is something that has become increasingly important.
For looped animations to work seamlessly, some adjustments have to be made from the actual still images, which kept me from going animated for a while. Having consulted with the community, I've realized that the difference in an animated version are actually an asset, increasing the variation and enjoyment of the NFT.
I've worked with motion graphics for over 15 years, so being able to give life to the characters through animation is something I thoroughly enjoy, and I hope you all will too. That being said, I still consider the 5k still image as the "actual" artwork and NFT, and the animated version a bonus.