Set in a dystopian universe, Deck of Dark Dreams is attempting to explore the darkest depths of the human condition.


The classes are a set part of the dream world lore. I expect them to be the same for every chapter. The lore is in no way 100% complete, but a work in progress where I also hope to expand the meaning of everything together with the collectors as we go along. Here's my current outline:
The sleepers are the "regular people", those who sleep and dream, like you and me. Perhaps victim to their dreams, being manipulated, controlled or in other ways affected by the nightmares. They have little or no control over what's happening within the dream. Lucids are lucid dreamers who to a certain extent manage to control their own part in the dreams. They are still part of the dream and do not have full control, but will at least be able to exercise some power. Dreamshapers are acolytes of sorts, henchmen who set things in motion and control/influence the dreams. Nightmares are the level above this, the actual dreams themselves and where dreamers are trapped.
As of Chapter 02, there's also a Prime Mover class — consider these "gods", the real source behind the darkness, creators of everything. You'll never meet one of these in a nightmare, but there are rumours of Lucids who have seen through the wall and felt their presence or heard their voices. They were never the same again.
The universe is focused on human shapes and figures in different environments, each image depicting a named character (or archetype) with a unique story. Everything is confined within a set universe, where each character represents a part of the human psyche and experience.
"Babysitter" — from Chapter 01
The tendrils can be described as catalysts, created by the Dreamshapers and Nightmares who set everything in motion. The tendrils are what shape the dream or emotions, they are the unwanted entities rooted deep within the human mind and thus represent what we must fight to grow and become fuller versions of ourselves, which I think is part of what dreams actually are.


Expanding on the actual stories from the universe is a current work in progress. I love the idea of writing stories related to the characters and how they interact, and this is something I've already discussed with community members. Online short-stories, animated pieces with voiceovers and music, comic books — the possibilities are endless.

User Stories

This is an area where the community will get involved: creating stories behind each character and making the lore richer, is part of the plan.
I've had active members write short passages about "Mystery Characters" before they were revealed, and the level of writing is usually very high. Getting community stories through rewarded contests is something that is on my 'to do-list' once the chapters progress.
"Mystery Character" — before the Chapter 02 reveal