Deck of Dark Dreams is a physical project as well as a digital NFT-project. Being able to give holders something they can touch or hang on their wall will always be part of the mission.

Posters and Cards

Those who minted Chapter 01 received a signed 50x50 cm poster and a unique numbered holographic foil card.
The same is true for those who mint Chapter 02. The physical aspect of the collection will continue, but in a different form from Chapter 03 as global shipping is extremely expensive, work intensive and also there's the environmental aspect. Physicals will continue to be made, but in a different form.
Provided all seasons are sold out, all collectors will get access to a full deck of cards at the end. This will not be available for purchase anywhere else.
Physical cards from Chapter 01
Physicals from Chapter 02
Since physicals are a large part of the foundation, I'm always exploring different ways to produce merch and prints that gives holders something tangible.